See it Finished, Before You Build It

The image above is a photo-realistic rendering created from one of our architectual floor plans almost instaneously of any view inside or out with all your personal selections in finishes.  


     Wouldn't your clients like their flat 2D floor plans to come alive like this? 


We help remodeling contractors, home builders,  business owners and homeowners see their building projects completed with all their personal choices in finishes, from countertops to tile, trim, flooring, even the real views out their windows, before they build it. 


We make detailed architectual drawings that any project will need for getting building permits, passing inspections, creating materials list, guiding subcontractor's work, and defining project specifications.  But unlike other ordinary flat 2D B&W plans, our plans come alive in 3D color, light and shadow, and personal selections so people can truely understand what their expensive investment is going to look like, before they build it.


    See it Finished, Before You Build It.

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Project Porfolio

We've been designing residential and light commerical remodeling projects since 1975.  Check out some of our most interesting and fun projects.

Project Portfolio

Design Process

We work with homeowners, contractors, home builders, and  business owners who are building new or remodeling.  For contractors and home builders we offer a powerful sales tool that will get your clients excited and committed about working with you by creating photo realistic images of their completed space with all their personal choices on finishes. 


We provide the highest quality and detailed architectual plans that truely come alive so non experts can finally understand what their blueprints mean.  For homeowners and buisness owners we can help you control the building process by creating all the design and specifcation documents you need for bidding and pulling permits. 


Learn more about how our design process works whether you are just across town or in another state or county.

Design Process


"Freeman Design did a fantastic job of getting my client excited about their project with both a great design for the space and creating the visuals that allowed them to truely understand what we would build for them." 

Ross Tomoson, owner RT Home Improvement 2010. 


Since 1975 we've been working hard to create a long list of happy customers.  See what others have to say about our work.


Green Design and Building

We use green building design principles, materials, and techniques in every project we do.  An easy Green fix for any project is a cost saving measure called air tight drywall framing, which compared to standard 2x6 wall construction, cost less to build because it uses fewer materials and less labor, insulates significantly better, and simplies drywall. 


Learn more about Green Building and Design.

Green Design and Building