See it finished, before you build it.

Tabor Star Development Leadville Clorado

The design software we use is extremely powerful and leaves old style CAD in the dust.  The amazingly easy way it makes flat 2D floor plans come alive in 3D color photo realism makes it a fun and exciting sales tool that finally allows the people spending all the money on these projects (the homeowners and business owners) to truly understand what they are really getting when it's all finished.


Plus it helps bring out the inner architect in every person by making it so easy to view plans. and be able to respond to them with more insight and visuals clues how to express your design ideas.

Free viewing software

On your home computer we will download a free viewing software so you can easily look at your plans, come up with new ideas to incorporate and leave notes on the plan to send us on what you'd like changed.  There is a short tutorial on how to easily create a view of anything from anywhere on your plan, but its also very easy to figure it out on the fly.  It's easy to play with and see your project in a new way.  The time to change your plan for better is now, not wishing you'd done something different after its all built. 

The simpliest way to view your floor plans is click on camera icon, place it in the room you want to look at, then move it toward the direction of your view.  In a few seconds a rendering will appear

Fast Renderings

You can then walk through your project and turn and look any direction to see all your personal choices from flooring to cabinet styles, to tile.  Its a fun way to truely see it finished before you build it.. 

We can make more sophisticated images that make it more photo realistic but it takes some time on our computers.

Photo realistic raytrace

You can look at your floor plan as a 3D dollhouse with the roof taken off to help you understand room relationship and overall space layout

Overview without roof

You can make cross sections through any part of the plan

Cross section slider

You can make walls disappear so you can see into smaller rooms like bathrooms

Make walls disappear

So lets get started on finding your inner architect

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