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The following is just a few of the recent projects beautifully designed by Bruce Freeman Design

second story addition, build for less Ruiz second story addition

Ruiz Residence

  • 28'x34' second story addition
  • Four bedrooms and two baths up
  • Open up main floor by eliminating 2 bedrooms
  • Modify stairs with angle finish to fit

Their family loves the neighborhood with schools and grandparents close by but is running out of space.  Have to move or build up.  They had seen the exterior transformation we had done on the grandparent's house so they knew they wanted to work with us.


The starting point was the stairs to the new second floor.  We came up with a design that allowed us to work over the stairs to the basement but also miss the big penisula countertop that was in the way.  We did it by creating a landing and then angling the stairs away so it just fit by a few inches.  The kid's each got separate bedrooms and a 2 room bathroom.  Mom and dad got a spacious bedroom, a huge shower in the roomy master bath,  and a small walk in closet.  Plus they got more family room on the main floor.  Project Success!!

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modern kitchen, concrete countertop Sprau Kitchen


Sprau Residence

  • 26'x6' addition for kitchen, foyer, and dining
  • 22'x24' garage addition
  • Remove main bearing wall around stairwell
  • Mudroom

The owners had the for sale sign up and were ready to move ot and find a bigger home because they couldn't see how their small home could grow to fit their family.  Our dramatic redesign gave them a spacious open living area with their dream kitchen and an exterior makeover that got them to take down the for sale sign.


The kitchen featured cement countertops in grey and burnt orange, vibrant green over sized subway tiles, flush maple cabinets, and stainless steel appliances.


They wanted a more modern exterior that would really redefine the house.  We used fiber cement siding with 8" lap siding up to 6' topped by a frieze board and then smooth panels with battens above that.  It made a dramatic difference for a very reasonable price, and will last forever.

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second story addition, front porch Horgan before plan

Horgan Residence

  • 32' x 26" second story addition
  • Gut and remodel entire main floor except kitchen
  • Move front door to face other street and add porch
  • Added 3 bedrooms and two room bath along with master suite on second floor
  • Created foyer, 1/2 bath, mudroom/laundry, family room/office, living room on main floor
  • Rebuilt 2 car garage

Two years earlier we helped save their home from sinking into bad soil with 20 helical piers going down 60' and a huge bond beam around the entire foundation perimeter.  Then the homeowner finished off the basement.  This is where they lived when we started our project.


With 3 little girls this family needed space, so we tore off the roof and built a second story, then rearrarnged the first floor.  Everybody got a bathroom and a bedroom up and lots of living space down.  The front porch was a huge hit and the exterior finsh made the house fit right in in their older neighborhood, according to all the neighbors.

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granite countertops, luxurious kitchen Pascale's beautiful new kitchen

 Pascale Residence

  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Rearrange main living area
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • New stairwell railing
  • Convert seasonal porch into full season sunroom

 We had done a major remodel for this client a few years earlier at their old house so they knew what we could do.  After moving into their new but outdated home then called us to figure out how to bring their home to life, especially the kitchen.  We responded with a design that we closely developed with them by exploring every possible placement of the new kitchen.  Now everyone is in love with the new space and the beautiful new interior finishes


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track lighting, custom cabinetry Wow, what a kitchen

Lammer Residence

  • Second story addition for 2 kid's bedrooms, bathroom, study area, and deck.
  • Master Suite addition out the back of house.
  • Sunroom addition off the back of house
  • Total kitchen transformation
  • Back yard transformation with decks, retaining walls, waterfall, and gardens

This family had seen how we had transformed their friend's house, so they asked us to come up with a design for their home.  We put two bedrooms and a bath upstairs, a master suite additon for a spacious master bath and walk in closet out the back, a sunroom addition overlooking their amazing new backyard and an incredibly beautiful kitchen and informal dining area.  They retreated to the basement and untouched living room while their home was transformed from nice to amazing.  We worked very closely with the couple to help them release their inner interior decorator and the result was mind blowing. 

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U shape kitchen, peninsula dining McGuire's kitchen with arch

McGuire Residence

  • Phase I:  26'x32' Total Home Second Story Addition
  • Phase 1:  Complete gut and remodel of main floor
  • Phase 2:  Lower level finish
  • Phase 3:  Family Room Addition out back with deck above, hot tub, and spiral stair down

The house was too small but the neighborhood was great.  What's a growing family to do?  Move out for 4 months while your too small home becomes the home of your dreams with a total whole house renovation.  Tear off the roof, add a second story, gut the main floor and start over.  Move the stairs to make the kitchen work.  Open the mid bearing wall with some big arched openings.  Get rid of non-bearing interior walls to open the place up.  Reuse as much as possible and keep the shape simple to control costs.  Put 4 bedrooms up with two baths and a nice open hallway. 


Then two years later ask us to design the basement.  Gut it to the cement and start over except feature an existing nice big egress window well.  Create a pleasant laundry room with no access to light.  Feature a movie room with simple custom cabinetry.  Make room for the big pool table and add a nice bathroom. Now you've got that great space to share fun time with friends and family.


Then another year later call to say you need even more space.  What can we do?  Design a spacious family room out the back with a big arched opening to match the others, lots of windows to bring in the light, a deck on top and on the side connected wiith a spiral stair, and a hottub on the roof to take in the views.

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photo realistic design, seamless addition A fantastic before image

Heutmaker Residence

  • Great Room Addition with 12' ceilings
  • Custom metal framework for half circle deck
  • Reuse massive window glass units
  • Copy elaborate ceilings soffits and trim

We had designed projects for this customer at their past home.  A screen porch on stilts overlooking the lake with a walkway through the trees.  Reworking their lower level now that the kids had moved out to make new laundry room and exercise space. 


Since then they moved into a magnificent new home but wanted to convert an open deck top into an addition off their great room.  This was a design challenge.  Design a structure that fit in the tight space allotted, figure out how to transfer all the loads and racking stress and come up with a truly ingenius plan that looks like it's always been there from the start.  The homeowners love the spaceousness and the even more dramatic views out their windows.  This one's a winner.  So much so that we use the rendering image off this plan for all our marketing work.  It's truly a wow project!

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Cherry cabinets, cherry trim, granite Davis new kitchen

Davis Residence

  • Redefine interior space by opening up space
  • Gorgeous cherry cabinets and granite countertops
  • Maximize views of creek running through back yard
  • Lots of structural issues and details

The owners were thrilled when they got this house on the creek even though they knew it needed lots of work.  We came up with a plan that said let's get rid of all walls and hide all the support in the attic on top of decorative posts that define the space.  So we took out all the walls and created a warm and comfortable family space that all overlooks the back yard creek flowing by. 

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big island kitchen, formal dining room Family room addition

Whitesell Residence

  • Large family room addition with deck
  • Flip kitchen and dining room locations
  • Redo foyer
  • Open up bearing walls with decorative posts

Homeowners wanted an open kitchen with attached family room and nice formal dining room.  He was very skilled at CAD and created many details for the project.  The kitchen centered around a big island overlooking the family room.  Large pillars were used to help define the space. 

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