It all starts with a free design consultation

It doesn't matter whether you're across town or across the country.  We have the tools and expertise to help contractors and home builders sell more profitably with a powerful sales tool, or help homeowners and business owners take control of their building projects. 


If you live locally, our designer will come to your home or office for a free design consulation to disucuss your project's details and offer our initial ideas on what your options are, how we could incorporate green building and design ideas into your project and the probable cost of your design work and what that would include.  


If you live in another city or state we offer the same free design consulation, but now by using today's powerful electronic communication tools like Skype, and Go To Meeting we can still discuss your project's various details and what you're looking for in your new space.

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After the initial free meeting if you'd like to continue working on your project, we have a design contract that outlines exactly what we will do for you with design meetings, plan updates, site measuring, an as built plan, incorporating your personal selections, setting up your free viewing software, and listing exactly what will be on your plans and specifications. 


Most plans include a site plan, floor plans, elevations, cross sections, details, electrical plans, and multiple interior and exterior 3D color renderings with all your personal selections.  Plus all the written project specifications that define yoiur project down to the last detail so you can get accurate bids, pull permits and guide construction.

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Once the design contract is finalized, we get you set up to work with us.  This means giving you a free viewing software so you can view your plans easily any time you want and showing you how it works.  Secondly we set up an account for you at so you can browse the largest online photo gallery of every type of remodeling project so you can find pictures of various items that help you define your style and show us what excites you. 

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After we get your free viewer set up, we immediately begin working on your as built plan, unless this is new construction where it isn't needed.  We take careful on-site measurements and many photos and video so we can get your plan set up right and be very accurate.  If this project is in another state you'll have to help us with this step.  Once the as built plan is done, we start incorporating your new design elements into the plan.  We send you updates as either the actual plan or static plans as pdf files.  We keep explaining all your options so you can determine what works best for your project and your budget. 


Once we get your floor plan finalized we can start incorporating your personal selections from countertops, cabinetry style and wood species, window arrangements, wall colors, flooring, appliances, trim, even the real views out your windows.  You can find sample selections at local stores that you bring home or you can go online and find something special.  We can either take photos of the sample or get an image online and then place it into your plan.  This is what really customizes your one of a kind plan that reflects your personal tastes and style.

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and get your free design consultation.