We design space that works for your tastes and budget. The fact that its's also green is a nice plus.

The mission of Freeman Design is to design tomorrow's architecture today. We combine designs that fit your lifestyle, tastes, and budget with green building principles and materials.

Green building and design is quickly moving into the forefront of building standards in Minnesota.  For a lot of good reasons.  Green built means it’s built to last, build it for comfort, warmth, function, low cost to operate, and we make sure it looks great.  We can help you understand what green means and show you what great design looks like.


We are trained in MN Greenstar, which is a extremely thorough set of building guidelines put together by building experts here in Minnesota on how to think about your options in greening every aspect of your building project.  These guidelines are broken down into 5 main categories;  Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Conservation, and Site and Community Impact.  A quick example of each category would be;  using very high levels of insulation or on demand hot water heater, use materials from Reuse center or made locally, use water based paints and stains, use rain barrels or water gardens, and recycle the waste from project.

Freeman Design Has:

  • A clear understanding of what good design is
  • 35 years of remodeling design experience
  • A unique ability to help you understand your options
  • A willingness to help you express your inner architect
  • Cost effective green building techniques and materials
  • MN Greenstar certification

Freeman Design uses the most sophisticated design tools

so you can see it finished, before you build it!

cut away view of 3D house plan Green tips from chief architect
Green Design tips from Chief Architect
A visual guide showing how green building ideas are in every part of your home.
HTML document [18.3 KB]
Green Building Guide by Freeman Design
Green Building ideas using master building list with green tips on every single item in every project from excavation to painting
Freeman Design Green Building Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [650.6 KB]
MN Greenstar Remodeling Checklist
An extremely detailed checklist used for applying green building methods and materials to any type of remodeling project. Based on five separate areas of green competency.
Greenstar Excel checklist.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [2.7 MB]

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